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Mystical Goddess Belly Dance


Beginner & Intermediate Belly Dance Classes
Drills and Choreography
Styles of Belly Dance Offered 
Cabaret, Raqs Sharqi, Modern Raqs Sharqi, Kawliya, ATS, Fusion 

At Mystical Goddess Bellydance we like to incorporate props into our dancing. We often use Zills, Swords, Wings, Daggers, and Veils. 

Weekly Class Schedule 
Tuesday        6pm to 7pm
Thursday       7pm to 8pm

Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons can also be scheduled with any of our instructors. 

In our classes we love to use all kinds of music.  We will learn and dance to traditional arabic or middle eastern music, arabic and middle eastern pop, rock, pop, psychedelic, 80's, 90's, Metal and anything you can imagine.